Monthly Fee

You can select any of the following pre-defined plans or Contact us for a customized plan.


Plan Class Duration

Monthly Fee/Per MOnth





2 Days/Week 30 min/day




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3 Days/Week 30 min/day




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5 Days/Week 30 min/day




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6 Days/Week 30 min/day




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  • For Details or any question please contact us.
  • Concession for more than 1 student at one time.
  • You can choose a customized plan as well

We believe in our staff, and Alhamdulillah we will provide you the best teacher.

Even though you want to have trial class, it will be free of cost.

We have male and female staff to teach you, and all are well educated and Graduates in various fields.

Note : Students other than USA & Europe can use Google currency converter to see the cost in their local currency.



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want to take trial class for quran reading

Please contact +923214913911 whatsapp viber is available