Why You Should Follow Sunnah In Your Life?

Holy Prophet PBUH is the perfect example of living, awareness and guidance for the entire kingdom of Muslims. Being born in a Muslim family, each one of us wishes to follow and lead our lives the way Allah Almighty’s prophet did. We believe that he is the walking Quran because every single decision and action of his life was in accordance with teachings of last holy book. The one best way of getting close to Islam and adopt its teachings is to follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.

Benefits Of Sunnah

Living life according to Suunah will not only benefit us in the afterlife but here too. There are innumerable benefits of following the footsteps of Allah Almighty’s last prophet. He is the ultimate example of sophistication and productivity. Therefore, by living life how he lived, we will naturally draw some of his productivity techniques and this enable us to better our lives.

Now when we are surrounded by distractions of 21st century every minute, it is hard to keep track of religious activities and our lives are being distanced from the teachings of Hoy Prophet PBUH. This article covers 2 practical ways of incorporating his Sunnah into our lives.

Find Out its Real Meaning

In order to become a true follower of the Prophet PBUH Sunnah, it is important to know what it is exactly about. When you have learned true facts and gained authentic knowledge, you will be blessed with real benefits. No matter how long you have stayed on that path, following fake and unreal knowledge would do you no good. The best source for gaining authentic knowledge about Sunnah is from Islamic lectures, books, articles or other trusted means. You can also become active student well renowned Islamic scholars as they are the best source of beneficial knowledge. Learn from them and become a true follower of the Holy Prophet PBUH Sunnah.

Make Sunnah a part of your life

Following Sunnah once will not make you a true follower. You need to incorporate it in every way of your life so that you solve every issue of your life according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet PBUH. For starters, identify the Sunnah and understand what the action/deed is about. Once you have understood, enlighten yourself with rewards associated with it. This will lead to finding triggers that will motivate you to do the right thing.


Ahsan Bilal