1. The Prophets, the Awliya (Friends of Allah Ta’ala), the Shuhada (Martyrs), a Hafiz of the Quran who also acts upon the guidance of the Holy Quran, a person who has never fully commited a sin and those who pray the Durood Shareef at all times, their bodies are not eaten by the soil.
2. Those who say that the Prophet’s bodies “have died and eaten by the soil” is a misguided person, from the wrong sect, or an evil and an insulting person
11. The names of a few more Angels are: Kiraaman Khaatibeen, Munkar and Nakeer, Ridwaan and Maalik.
12. To believe that the Malaa’ikah as “Kadeem” (always have been in existence or always will be in existence) or to believe them as the creators is Kufr.
13. The slightest form of offend for an Angel is also Kufr.
14. Some people call their enemies or oppressors as “the Angel of death”. To say such things is not allowed and close to Kufr (infidelity).
15. To refuse the existence of Angels or to say that the durability of all good is known as Angels and that there are no such things as Angels are both acts of Kufr.