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What’s your ‘’Afterlife’’ Insurance Plan?


I’m sure many of you are wise enough to have started saving up for a good ‘After-retirement Plan’. May be you are also paying premiums for a well devised ‘Life Insurance Plan’, all to live your life with the peace of mind that your family will be financially secure after the end of your working days or even after the end of your days in this World. Oh, the efforts we do to make our lives and the lives of those whom we love easier!

However, as good as the idea of a Life Insurance Plan may sound, it is actually more important to have a good plan for the Afterlife.

Thankfully, Islam being a moderate religion has prescribed easy ways for us to secure a ’Happily Ever Afterlife’. Regular Salah, fasting in the month of Ramadan and doing charity whenever possible can lead us to paradise. In fact, even things as simple as being humble, polite and humane are enough to please our ever-so-loving Allah (SWT). SubhanAllah, we are blessed with the knowledge of how to use our limited stay in this World to earn as much ‘Sawaab (reward)’ as possible to prepare ourselves for the journey that lays ahead of Life.

And what a wonderful thought it is that Allah (SWT), being the Most Merciful has provided us with abundant ways to keep earning rewards after death. Yes, it is in fact possible to keep earning sawaab after our departure from the World.

So here are some easy Afterlife Insurance plans which can help you continue earning good rewards beyond your life:

Spread a good message:

If you teach something good to someone, you will be rewarded every time your teaching gets conveyed to a new person. The chain of earning rewards will increase with the chain of conveyance of the message. The teaching or message you give may outlive you as it may get passed down through generations.

This is particularly effective and easy now as Internet and social media have well grown and have become very easily assessable.

All you have to do is spread a good message using the internet. It is as simple as sharing a post. For example, if you share a post regarding an authentic Hadith, you will get ‘sawaab’ every time a person in your friend list reads that Hadith. Not only that, you will also get rewarded everytime that person enacts on that Hadith.

Let’s not keep this restricted to Social media alone. Books or booklets on Islamic topics can be distributed to people, for them to increase their Islamic knowledge and hopefully they will convey the message of Islam forward to other people.

These are just a few examples. The actual possibilities of doing so are endless.

Arrange a Water Dispenser outside your house to be available to all by-passers:

Providing water to someone is worth a reward of a Two Ra’kat Nafl Salah. Imagine the number of thirsty people who will drink water from the water dispenser available outside your house especially on hot summer days and imagine how much duaas you will get from those people.

If you can arrange to keep this tradition alive even after you die (by advising and educating your children to do so) you can continue to earn a Two Ra’kat Nafl Salah’s per person who drinks water using that water dispenser, even after you die.

Build a Mosque or contribute in building a mosque:

If Allah (SWT) has blessed you with enough money to build a mosque or to contribute in building a mosque, then getting it built is actually a very good ‘Afterlife Insurance Plan’.

It does not matter how much money you contribute. Even if you contribute enough for one brick, it is still significant. Physical contribution in building the Mosque is rewarding as well.

Every time someone offers a Prayer in that Mosque, you will get rewarded. It would be wonderful if new Mosques could be built in areas where they don’t exist rather than building them in areas where they already exist abundantly.

Plant a tree:

Trees, as we know it, provide food and oxygen for humans and animals alike. The trees we plant may outlive us and continue to serve their purpose. In return for the benefit that mankind and animals will receive from the trees planted, Allah (SWT) will In Sha Allah bless us with a reward, even after our demise.



May Allah (SWT) guide us all to the right path so we can start making efforts for a successful Afterlife by doing as much good deeds as possible while we are alive. May He (SWT) give us a chance to arrange something to continuously keep earning rewards even after we return to Him. Ameen

We hope this article proved to be informative, helpful and worth your time. Thank you.