Valuable teachings from last sermon of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Holy prophet PBUH, the last messenger of Allah Almighty was the shining light for all Muslims. Though hundreds of years have passed, but his teachings remain true guidance for all living beings. He performed his last pilgrimage in the 63rd year of his precious life and hence that pilgrimage is remembered as Haaja-tul-Widdah.  In his final sermon he addressed the entire humanity and showed them the right path of living life. His words were pretty clear and concise.

At the time of this sermon, the ultimate mission of holy prophet PBUH was completed. All of his purposes, wishes and intents were fulfilled. He had successfully given light to people who went too far in darkness. He accomplished the task of uniting non Muslims under one roof and made them brothers.

This sermon was delivered in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat, a populated place at times of Hajj in the city of Saudi Arabia. Holy prophet PBUH had revealed the teachings of God and the ultimate will of Almighty to mankind. Of all prophets and messengers, he was the only one to establish a Muslim society on the basis of brotherhood and righteousness. This last sermon of his can be viewed as the final message to the entire human race. He asked Muslims to listen to him carefully by saying that we shall never meet on such occasion again so value and understand the message I am delivering. Some of the valuable teachings and learning of this beautiful sermon are explained below.

  • He asked the crowd to take the property and money of other Muslim brother as sacred as his own. It was also added that if a person, for a reason other spreading mischief on earth, murders a person it will considered as a murder for whole mankind.
  • He emphasized that all believers of Islam are brothers to each other and one is not allowed to degrade, disrespect and steal from his own brother.
  • In the light of Quran he added Muslims shall always beware of Satan as until the day of apocalypse he will try to distract and divert you from Islam and worship of Allah Almighty,
  • He clearly delivered the message of Allah, that he himself is the last prophet of God and no messenger will ever come again to guide you.
  • He encouraged Muslims to return the belongings that have been handed over to them trustfully, to their rightful owners when time comes.