The Paradise and its beautiful perks


The day a child starts learning Muslim parents start to make him learn about the Allah almighty, seven skies, satan, angels, hell and paradise. A child grows up with firm beliefs about his religion. He has this vague picture of paradise where everything will be beautiful, lush green grass, cold water running, huge mountains and angels everywhere.  Allah Almighty has called Paradise a blessing for all. It is said in holy book that it will be a place which will be entirely different from this world. The kinds of delight a soul wild enjoy there is completely unparalleled.  It has been mentioned in various hadiths and verses the reward for patience and good deeds in this world will be immense and beyond the imagination of souls in next life. Allah Almighty has explained through holy verses of Quran that what paradise will be like. Some of the verses are translated below:

  • “There will be there all that the souls could desire, all that the eyes could delight in” (Quran 43:71)
  • “Verily, the pious will be in the midst of Gardens and Rivers (Paradise). In a seat of truth in Paradise, near the Omnipotent King (Allah the All Mighty)”
  • “Truly, Allah will admit those who believe in the Oneness of Allah and do righteous good deeds, to Gardens underneath which rivers flow in Paradise, wherein they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls and their garments therein will be of silk” (Quran 22: 23)

Allah Almighty says that paradise will be true home of pious people. Every individual who will suffer in this world for his sake, will be rewarded there with best of everything.  Every kind of beauty and blessing exists in Paradise and will be revealed with a perfection never seen or known before. A person would be free of all hunger, thirst, want, desire and need. Everything that causes sorrows, hardships and heartbreaks here will be absent there.

He, the lord of all lords, has promised himself that individuals of Paradise will be the owners of expensive jewls and ornaments. The wealth of paradise will be for all. Those were broke and poor in this world and the ones who experienced hunger and thirst at its peak.  The hearts of the inhabitants of Paradise will be pure and innocent like small kids, their speech will be good and their deeds righteous.  No one would ever cause harm or threat anybody in that world of his. . If we were to discuss all the causes for anguish in this life, we would surely find its absence or opposite to be true in Paradise.