The subject of life after death has constantly fomented the minds of individuals of all religions and all ages alike. Everybody is terrified of dying and rightly so. The vulnerability of what lies after we are dead is alarming. Of all other religions, Islam gives the most realistic details of what comes after death and lies past. Islam sees death as the basic doorway to the following phase of existence. The Islamic doctrine holds that human presence proceeds after the demise of the human body in the form of spiritual and physical restoration of the body. There is a straight connection between life on earth and the life past. Existence in the wake of death will be one of rewards and penalties which is similar with earthily behaviors.

A Day will come when God will revive and assemble the first and the ultimate of His creation and judge everybody fairly. Individuals will enter their last home, or Paradise. Faith in life after death urges us to do right and to stay far from sin. In this life we often see the devout endure and the offensive enjoy. All will be judged one day and equity will be served.  It is in Quran, ‘When death comes to one of you, our angels (blessed messengers of death) take him (his spirit) into their care and they don’t disregard is doing as such (they perform their duty instantly’ (Al-An-Aam – 61).

The Day of Judgement will be the Day when God’s characteristics of Justice and Mercy will be in full appearance. God will shower His leniency on the individuals who languished over His purpose in the worldly life, believing that an interminable ecstasy was awaiting them. Yet, the individuals who mishandled the rewards of God, not bothering about the life to come, will be in the most hopeless state.

All-powerful Allah states in the Holy Qur’aan:

I swear by the Day of Resurrection and I swear by the self rebuking individual who feel that we might not collect his bones. Yes, we have the capacity to assemble in perfect order the tips of his fingers. Nay! The man denies resurrection and Reckoning. So he craves to keep committing sins. He solicits: “When will be this Day of Resurrection? So, when the sight is disoriented, and the moon will be overshadowed, and the sun and moon are united (by going one into the other or collapsed up or denied of their light and so forth). On that day man will cry: Where (is the shelter) to escape. No, there is no shelter. Unto your Lord alone will be the spot of rest that Day.