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Ever since human beings came on this planet, they are trying to understand Nature, finding the purpose of their life and what is their place in the scheme of creation. In this search of Truth, after crossing many centuries and various civilizations, human life has been shaped due to the organized religion. There are some religions which have been based on books while others have relied only on human experience. The adherent of different faith claims that their specific religions are based on spiritual books but they fail to present any solid proof to support their claim. In all these religions Islam is the only religion that proves its truthfulness through concrete proof and proper reasoning.

Quran is the book believed by Muslims who have complete faith on it. It is the guidance for all human beings. It is the stern believe of Muslims that Allah has revealed this Holy book Quran on Holy Prophet (PBUH) and that any human being did not write it. There are many unquestionable signs and clear reasons to believe this such as:

  • The language style in which the Quran is written is totally unique and cannot be copied and reproduced. This style is called ‘Inimitability of the Quran.’
  • There are many predictions in this Holy book which were proven true with the passage of time.
  • Quran comprises of many scientific and historic facts about which Arab people were totally unaware. Moreover, modern sciences have proved almost all of these facts.

There are many important scientific facts in this Holy Book. If Western people or nonbelievers learn Quran then they will find various scientific realities which are explained in Quran. Allah Pak revealed Quran on Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the seventh century when there was no concept of science. People had never imagined the inventions like microscope and telescope. Even in these situations, Allah Almighty has states and explained many scientific phenomena with completely validity and accuracy. Some of these scientific facts mentioned in Quran are explained below:

Extension of Universe:

At times when science of astronomy was still elementary, Allah Almighty mentioned the concept of extending Universe in Quran. Allah says:

“And it is We who have built the Universe with (Our creative) power and keep expanding it.” (51:47)

According to this Ayah, the universe has not been same since its existence. It is continuously and will continue changing and this extension was discovered in the 20th century by the science when Islam has revealed this reality in 7th century.
Orbit of the Sun:


Allah Almighty in the Quran has also stated that Sun is not motionless and is revolving around the Orbit in the following words:

“It is He Who created the Night and the Day, and the sun and the moon: all (the celestial bodies) swim along each in its rounded course.” (Quran 21:33)

Until the start of twentieth century many astronomers believed in Copernican theory. According to this theory Sun is motionless. This theory was suggested in
16th century but it has been confirmed late that Sun is not motionless and that it is moving in the Milky Way round its orbit which was already mentioned in the Holy Quran.


The Quran tries to draw humankind’s attention to very significant and fascinating qualities of mountains. Allah says in Surah An Naba that:
“Did We not make the earth a resting place? And the mountains as stakes?” Quran 78:6-7) 
In this Ayah the word “stake” indicates that mountains have deep roots inside the earth which helps in strengthening the core of the earth. These roots of mountains work as stakes and keep the ground more firm under our feet. “Plate tectonics” is the modern science theory which has also proved that mountains do have deep roots under the earth.

Origin Of Life:

Allah Almighty mentions in the Quran that:

“…We made every living thing from water. Will they not believe?” (21:30)

In this ayah of Quran, It claims about the water that necessary for the survival of human beings. Quran says that every human being was originated from water. According to medical science the basic unit of every living being is cell and that basic unit is mostly made of water. So its obvious that the very same fact which science discovered now was explained by Quran 1400 years ago. But at that time it was very difficult for Arab people to believe it as there was no science but today everyone accepts it.