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Why religious education has an important role to play in our society

Religious education is important for the students as it is linked with social, cultural and spiritual knowledge and these lessons prepared students for responsibilities, experiences in life.

Why is religious education important for society?

Whether you are a religious person or not but Muslims are engaged in prayers from the beginning and religion is the one that provides an answer to fundamental questions such as ‘What happens to our life after death?

The aim of the religious education is to provide a better understanding of the life as your wealth can easily be lost but your education will remain with you throughout the life.

Religious Education enhances human understanding:

The modern education system has deficiencies as they provide a wide range of disciples but neglect the spiritual nature of our lives as how many classes genuinely teach us about our Creator? Tells us to improve the moral fiber of our society and how much promote the values such as respect?

  • Religious education is important for the people as it provides the information to the people about the purpose of their life, challenges and ideas, their beliefs and how to achieve peaceful environment.
  • The RE is the only way to learn deep knowledge and understanding of people and will continue to grapple with into the indefinite future.


Islam is the religion needs to implement in the education system as its foundation based upon Holy Quran and have Sunnah as a practice guide.

Islam is so deeply rooted in human experience and provides the sophisticated understanding of the art, politics, history and all different aspects of human life.

The religious education will provide the society better understanding of different matters and one uses their religious traditions to shape and transform them.

The knowledge of religion offers guidance for how to behave in religious traditions and help the community through financial, physical and social support.