Surah Al-Waqiah (Urdu)

56- Surah Al Waqea

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      • JazakALlah
        Remember us in prayers and share this site to all of your friends and family

        Ahsan Bilal Saleem

  1. I have been reciting surah waqiah on this web site. It is beautifully printed in a unique colour scheme. it is very impressive and lovely. God bless u. Jazak Allah. Justice Retd. Ch.Muhammad Younis

    • JazakAllah.. Just i need, is your prayers and support. Share this noble cause to your network Sir…

  2. I have been reciting with the Qari Sahib. Jazak Allah, it s very good and blessed effort.

  3. I recited soar-e-waqia on this website thanks for this very good message to muslims. your struggle is very beautiful sir.


  5. I have been reciting surah waqiah on this web site. It is beautifully printed in a unique colour scheme. it is very impressive and lovely. God bless u. Jazak Allah. Fahim Tausif Siddiqui.

  6. nice print and unique color are used enjoyed very well reciting it these sort of print….

  7. Dua hae Allah Likhne waloon ko un k ikhlass per buhat ziada ajar atta kare aur mustafeed hoone waloon ko parhne samjhne per hidayat naseeb kare. A A M E E N.

  8. Jazaak ALLAH,

    no doubt Allah is real super power and Allah knows every thing apparently and hidden Allah is great and every thing will be proved what Allah says in Quran
    because Allah prove what Allah says,

  9. In case of severe tension and grief, reciting this Surah Waqia 41 times a day will resolve all the problems and everything In Sha Allah.

  10. Subhan Allah
    Allah is one and prophet Muhammad PBUH is His last messenger.

  11. A matter of great pleasure for all Muslim that there are still people among us who are voluntarily publish the holy Quran on WWW. Very well decorated pages/ words with distinguish ink along with translation. Pleased to open this site and recite. Indeed Allah ll reward you for this beneficial works. Lots of love and prayer.

  12. May ALLAH solve all of our problems, Kindly pray for my son and daughter both cannot hear and speak. Please pray for them…

    • your appreciation is more than any funding. JAzakAllah. still you can find on main page to support.

  13. Subhan Allah JazakaAllah .. Allah Pak apko iska ajar day ameen .. bahut asani bana de ap ny ..

  14. JazaAllah the Surah Qaqiah is very beautifully and clear and its urdu translation. I enjoy it very much and ask Allah to give you its ajur here and hereafter. Ameen

  15. God bless those assisted to do such noble act.Graphics r nice.By reciting daily, it has tremendous result in your Rizk/Earnings

  16. الحَمْد لله ما شاء الله سبحان الله
    قران پاک ھم سب انسانوں ک لۓ نیمت ھے جھااں تک ھمارئ سوچ بھی نھي پھنچ سکتی
    ياالله پاک ھم سب انسانوں کوقران پاک ترجمۓ ک ساتھ پرھنے اور سمجھنے کی توفیک عتا فرما امين

  17. By visiting this delighful site, eyes light up the way you work Mr. Ahsan. Your descriptive approach with multicoloured visuals alongwith the art work are very effective, one wish to recite time and again. It is one of the best I have attended. JazakALLAH and the beloved team for the preparation you put into this effort.

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