Surah Al-Muzammil (Urdu)

73- Surah Al Muzammil

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    • aik bat kahoon ga.
      jab b ALLAH likha karain, plz ALLAH ky liye capital words use kiya karain..

  1. Mashallah what a beautiful colourful translation, every time I pick up iPad first I read sura with translation, how much I enjoy this site thanks to your website

  2. may ALLAH bless all the muslims, and we should recite the holy quran on daily basis.
    please friends include me in whenever you pray. thanks.

  3. JazakAllah Bil Khaier , main nay ak lafz parah es surah ka aur administrator ko maray sath k hisay ki nakiaan milien Allah KAbool farmayee aur Marzaeoin aur Ahmadioin ko ibrat ka nishan bannay Aamen ! Ghulam hain Ghulam Hain Rasool SAWW k Ghulam hain

  4. Allah har ek ko parne ki taufeeq ata farmaye? Fajar ki namaz ke sath aghaz ho, Allah will all day long,

  5. Dear Admin,

    Kindly made availble download vesrion of Quran e kareem at app store (apple & android).

    Jazak Allah.


  6. Recite and explore a newest spiritual awaking inside you that is the real key to all kinds of successes.

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