Surah Al-Juma (Urdu)

62- Surah Al Jumma

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  1. How many so called CUTTER SUNNI masajid are preaching and conveying this beautiful and powerful orders of Allah Subhanahi wa Ta’la ? how many of our youth know this ORDERS of Allah on Friday when Azaan called out? We’ve discovered new fitna of JUMMA MUBARAK, we just sit in some cafe, park, watching TV and through social network we pass this fitna of Jumma mubarak and pray 02 rakat as if there is heaviest burden on us ! yet we’re defending Israel, US and waiting for Khilafa ? shame on us..

  2. Mashaallah.

    Aallah kare sure juma ko padne wale har miya bibi main behat mohabbat aata farmaye or wo mohabbat unhe jannat main bhi saath rakhe Ameen Summa Ameen.

  3. Blue and Red colors with Urdu translations in same color combinations is matching and ideal to understand the arabic

  4. Asslam-o-Alaikum Rahmatullah wabrakataho…
    Dear Syed Hafeez, you narrated great that the more people how don’t know the reality of Islam and its all aspects, it is really a Fitna to say Juma Mobarak while it is not mentioned in any Hadith or in Holy Quran so in one Hadith I read that the people who spread the wrong Hadith among the Muslims all over the world, The Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW will not even look at their face hereafter at the day of judgment so I humbly pray to Almighty Allah Subahan wa Talah that May He Show the right path with the light of Holy Quran and Accurate Hadiths…..!!
    Allah is great powerful and merciful and May Allah pardon our all big and small sins which we commit unknowingly or knowingly…!!!!! Talib E Dua.. Khalid Javed From Lahore Pakistan……and I am great thankful to Allah Subhani wa Talah Who born me as the Believer of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW….!!!

  5. aoa
    tamam hazrat say meri aik appaeal hai.
    meharbani kar kay
    kisi alam sya poch kar
    un badtameezon ka pata karwain jo nabi saw ko jumma ki halat main pechay say chor kar tamasha dekhny chaly jaty hain.


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