Surah Al-Fath (Urdu)

48- Surah Al Fath

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Muhammad Qaseem Khawar

Like it

Nadir Ali Mugheri

Mashallah, nice Surat of Holy Quran.. I love Holy Quran

waooooooo Niceeee….

Mohammad Perwez Zeya

Meri kamyabi ke liye bhi aap log ALLAH se dua karen main is waqt musibat me hu

Maa Sha Allah..
Aesa lag raha hai k Allah mjhse kalaam kar raha hai.. imaan barhta jata hai translation ko parh kar.

very nice surat with translate i like to much i like colours also , imean beautiful looking surat.thankyou, arrange surat alsoo good

Ahsan Bilal Saleem

JazakAllah, remember us in prayers 🙂

The best website

Assalam o alaikum……….. can any one tell me fail amar and fail nahi in this surah paak…….

The surah is not complete. Please check and upload again Thanks

Correctd thanks, because of last incident to site, everything was deleted by some haters, if you find any mistake. please contact

Jazakallah. Yes there are few more suraha . In sha Allah I will point them out soon. Thanks for the great work.

Doing it now

Mohammed Aslam Sabri

Masha Allaha
Allaha ka tohfa he

Allah hum sub k liye asania peda karay ameen