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A Verse of Surah Yaseen which tells us about the purpose of Quran.

We all want indefinite and long lasting success and happiness in our lives but regrettably we try to find it in this world which is not a permanent place and where it is not meant to be.  The life in this world is only a trial for us and the only thing that we need to follow is the right way that will take us to the achievement of our desires in the hereafter instead of running after its illusions. It is only then that our perfect and actual life will begin. ‘Ihdinassirat al mustaqeem’ is the dua which Allah has taught us for getting this perfect life. This dua means ‘Guide us to the straight path’, which we daily read in our five times prayers. However, praying for this guidance is not enough. We have to follow any role model on whom we can rely and trust and that’s why Allah has sent his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as an ideal example for us so that we can follow him till the end of this world.

The holy book Quran is all about guidance, life and personality of Muhammad (PBUH). Surah Yaseen is that magnificent Surah which assures us that to achieve success in this world and the world hereafter, we need to follow and trust Prophet (PBUH) who is our Messenger and who is the straight path of guidance.

تنزيل  العزيز الرحيم

(This is) a revelation of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful.

This is the 5th Verse of Surah Yaseen which tells us about the purpose of Quran and why did Allah sent this revelation to Muhammad (PBUH)? Particularly it was for the people of Makkah to whom no messenger has come after Prophet Ismail (A.S) and Ibrahim (A.S). It was the nation whose ancestors were not warned and they became heedless. The teachings of these Prophets had slowly been neglected and forgotten. Though Arabs called themselves the followers of these Prophets but actually they had gone far away from the soul of Islam and replacing it with few rituals that are self created. They had started worshipping Idols which were made of wood and clay rather than worshipping Only Allah. Today if we compare their situation with ours we are not that different from them. We claim that we are Muslims and believe in Quran and Muhammad (PBUH) when in reality there are only few people who as a matter of fact know about Prophet’s life. We don’t worship idols God forbid and believe in Only Allah but for a moment just think, Are we really following Allah’s commands and planning our lives according to Him?  The only way to save us from Allah’s punishment on the judgment day is Quran and nothing else. By reading the bits and pieces of Quran is not enough. To get in touch with our reality and to know the purpose of life we need to read it properly and word to word and follow Allah’s guidelines.