Punishment for Land Invaders

Islam has put a strong emphasis on unlawful land invasion and it is a very cruel crime and it is commonly practiced now a days. The land mafia’s are grasping and evicting the land of innocent, but no one will save them when they will be liable for that illegal act before their Lord.

The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said: “Whoever seizes any portion of land unlawfully will be swallowed up by it on the Day of Resurrection, and will sink to the seventh earth.” (Bukhaari Sharif)

Once a rich and powerful king called Hakam II who ruled over Spain. One day he was riding around his country when he saw a beautiful piece of land. It belonged to an old widow who refused to sell it. Hakam had her evicted and began construction of a large palace on it. The old lady went to the Qazi (judge) for help. He told her he had an idea but that she would have to wait.

When the palace was complete, Hakam arranged a party in it and invited many people, including the Qazi. They arrived with exquisite presents but the Qazi arrived on a donkey with two empty sacks and asked Hakam for two favours.

Hakam said he would oblige, so the first request the Qazi made was to be allowed to fill his two sacks with dust from the palace garden. Hakam agreed. Once they were full the Qazi then requested Hakam to load the sacks onto the back of the donkey. The request was weired but Hakam agreed.
Though he heaved and pulled, Hakam could not lift the heavy sacks. “I’m sorry my Majesty, but I cannot lift these sacks!” The Qazi replied, “If you cannot lift these two sacks today, how will you carry the weight of this whole garden and palace on the Day of Judgement when Allah asks you why you took it from the widow?” Hakam realized his mistake, apologized to the widow and returned her land to her, with palace and presents.

Similarly, if we realize the agony before the Doom’s Day then surely we will not feel penitence on that day when we will have nothing to sweep our shortcomings.

May Allah (S.W.T) keep us on right path and save us from going astray.Ameen!!