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The foremost thing to welcome Ramadan is to make a firm decision and pure intention to fully avail this sacred month. Its such a strength without which no path can be covered. In this sacred month we should only decide to do such work by which we not only ourselves but to others can become an assistance for piety. Its the desired outcome of fasting. All Muslims know that Piety (Taqwa), is the strength of heart and soul as well as of action and character, which abstain us from the evil deeds. We can help in this cause by booklets or pamphlets and for doing this you can take help by various books of different Ulma.

Infatuation with Quran

There is a strong bond between Ramadan and Quran. Quran revealed in this month. Trawih Prayers is the best prescription to focus on Quran atleast by the punctuality of Trawih prayers the Siman (fasting people) once hear complete Quran. The actual outcome of this month is listening, reading, learning and capacity to act upon Quran.

The Holly Prophet (S.A.W) had revolutionized the lives of people by this way. During Ramadan, we should try to read some part of Quran daily with translation and also entice others. Because of fast, the concentration of heart compass on Allah (SWT).

By taking the opportunity of this heartily condition if some neighbors arrange a Quran Class than this Quran understanding is the best way of proximity to Quran. It is enjoined to leave other tasks on hearing Adaan (Call to prayers). This sacred month provides us opportunity to remain in wudu and affirms this habit. Some people gluttonous themselves at Iftaar (Breaking the fast) and because of lethargy, they find relaxation to offer Trawih at home. Although, offering Trawih prayers at mosque is the best way to enhance the preaching of Quran. By this attribution at the day of Quran completion, a majestic commemoration is the part of Muslims’ faith.

Else you can also join to attend free online classes, Darse Quran and e-learning of Quran as well.It will also enhance your relationship with Quran, Insha Allah.

Best Remedy of Evils

Holly Prophet (S.A.W) said: ” Fast is the shield (to avoid sins), therefore, make it an armor.Fasting person should not yell or do foolish talk, if someone say him bad or quarrel with him, he should detach himself by saying that I am in fast, it is not possible for me to indulge in evil deeds.

Backbiting, backstabbing, bullying, slandering, arrogance, oppression, rage, lie, unfaithfulness, evil sight, envy, malice, etc. , these all are the moral turpitude and the month of Ramadan provides best opportunity to cure them…..So, don’t waste this opportunity.

May Allah (S.W.T) enable us to get the blessings of this Holly Month.Aameen!!

Things To Do In Ramadan