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With just few days left until the first day of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world are preparing themselves for this Holy month. Although Ramadan is not the beginning or end of Islamic calendar but it is surely a best time to bring change in ours self.

Ask yourself where you are today compared to the end of last Ramadan? When we look back at changes in our personal life, some of us have switched jobs, mourning the loss of some of our loved ones or got married. There are other people who look back at their development in regards to practicing Islam, did they recite Quran regularly, did they spend more time in Mosque or did they memorize the Quran?

There are also some people who do not compare this year’s Ramadan with previous one because it is all new to them. These people are the ones who converted their religion and entered the religion of Peace. Such people look back at the day on which they accepted Islam and are looking forward to their very first fast in this holy month as a Muslim.

It is our duty as faithful community to not only welcome new Muslims to Islam but also support them to perform the acts of worships, including fasting during the blessed month. In case you are, the one who will be observing your first fast during this upcoming Ramadan then make sure you follow these ways:

  1. Do not Over Emphasize On ‘How’ We Fast

One of the most common mistakes made by new Muslim when preparing for the very first Ramadan is to spend lot of time on detailed rulings of fasting. We are not saying that understanding the rulings of practicing this blessed month is not relevant. They are for sure but with some of the leaflets, books, Islamic websites and some videos, any new Muslim will most likely get at least 95% of that right way of fasting. If there are still any questions then, you can get answers through communicating with such scholars or Islamic websites who are easily reachable.

  1. Inner Change

Usually we see or hear people saying that they fast during Ramadan because this makes them feel compassion for the ones who have less fortune in their lives. Obviously, there is nothing-wrong feeling compassion for people who live in hardship but it is not the main objective of this blessed month. Reason why Allah Almighty asks us to observe fast the whole month is not only to motivate us to improve the lives of other people but to help us improve ourselves.

The objective of Ramadan is to purify our inner self. New Muslim as well as other Muslim people should do the acts of worship such as supplication, Taraweeh prayer, reciting the Quran and staying in Mosque for long time after every prayer.

  1. Eat Together During Ramadan

One of the most useful social activities for every new Muslim in this blessed month is to invite another Muslim friend on Iftaar meal. Inviting new Muslims to Iftaar meals is a good step and these kinds of initiatives should continue and expand.