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Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, acceptance and deliverance for Muslims all over the world. Muslims believe that Allah Almighty bestowed Ramadan for them as a bonus to clean their sinful soul. That’s why we need to work and pray harder in this blessed month. But it is easier said than done.

Years upon years we keep making promises to complete the recitation of entire Quran or to never miss taraweeh prayer or to always offer Tahajjud at night but we just cannot live up to our promises and keep failing. What we need are simple and easy steps to help us improve our daily ibadah during the blessed month of Ramadan. Here are these steps:

Be Dedicated

We Muslims have to be committed to do our best in Ramadan. We cannot afford to reduce our intensity in Ibadaah knowing fully that Quran was revealed in this blessed month. We should pray much harder than we normally do in the remaining months of year as there are numerous rewards to do so in Ramadan.

Stay Organize

Try to organize yourself in Ramadan. Make a to-do list of your activities. In case you have 10-free hours then you could organize yourself as follows:

  • 2 hours for Quranic tafseer
  • 2 hours for Tahajjud
  • 2 hours for Quranic studies
  • 1 hour for supplication
  • 2hours for attending tafseer

Ramadan is very valuable and we cannot afford to waste a second of our time without Allah’s zikr. It is also good to set some goals during this month and record our progress as we move forward. It will increase our passion of worshipping harder in order to achieve these goals.

Listen to Tafseer

Make ‘listening to tafsser’ your main priority in Ramadan. Attending it in your local mosque is very essential. Aside from keeping you up-to-date of rewards and profit of Ramadan, attending it also teaches you more about blessings and bonuses of this holy month.

Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims. It is the month of deliverance and countless blessings where doors of rehmat are kept open for people who seek for it. Ibadaah is our best key to these doors and that’s why we need to sacrifice our cell phones, play stations, CD players in this blessed month and pray harder to keep Allah Almighty happy. As Ramadan Kareem is also wrapped with Laylat-ul-Qadr so we also need to improve our ibadaah to witness it.