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We are usually neglectful in offering mustahab amaals (non-obligatory actions). Our behavior towards it is mostly very negligent. Most of us do not perform these ammals because they are mustahib and not farz on us. We take them lightly because they are not obligatory. If we offer these ammals then we get reward for them and if we do not then there is no sin in it.

Do Allah SWT appreciate Practicing Mustahib Ammals?

One thing we do not notice is that if these ammals are that much unnecessary then why would Allah SWT appreciated offering them? Why there is so much reward in performing them? The reality is these mustahib ammals serve as a shield from Satan.

We do not perform these non-obligatory acts because we will not be accountable for them or will not be punished. This is not a good thinking at all. We do not understand that these little acts are the ones which will help us on the Day of Judgment. Howbeit, this is a fact that these ammals are not farz ammal but are we even sure that we will be rewards for what he have done amongst farz amaal?

Virtuous Deeds Shouldn’t be Neglected

We must keep this in mind that we will be in a need of single virtue that can save us on a Day of Judgment. This is the reason we should not neglect such virtuous deeds that can give us rewards on the Day of Judgment. It would be better if we do not ignore these little non-obligatory acts. These are better than doing mischievous deeds such as backbiting, lie, harming, hurting etc.

Cutting nails is mustahab ammal. Don’t we know that it is good for us? Don’t we know that it is healthy for us to cut nails? If we know this then there is no point of ignoring these ammals. Hence, if we want to save our faith then we should not ignore the Mustahab ammals. These non-obligatory actions and their rewards at the Day of Judgment have been settled for our own benefits and we should never neglect our benefits. May Allah SWT show us a right path and enable us to perform these non-obligatory acts to protect our faith. Ameen.