How to benefit from Holy Quran?


There is no doubt to the fact that Quran is a book of guidelines and righteous path (Hidayat) for all mankind till the end of times. It is a manual for humans to follow so not to get astray in this tricky world of deception and unlimited choices.


But the most obvious question arises, how to benefit from it? Or what is the best way to spend life according to this book? This thought or concern is specially important in today’s time when one comes across multiple options and religious schools of thoughts and the pettiest part is that each one calling themselves right and others wrong. In this regard, I would like to present few points or you can better say personal experiences that I suggest can help.


The process begins by the purification of Neyah. The intention holds an important and pivotal position in Islam. Allah Subhana-wa-Talla highly values and rewards one’s pure intention. So, we must make a firm intention or Neyah or strong desire in our heart that we want to benefit from this treasure of knowledge and guidance.


Make lots of sincere duaas and seek Allah’s help. There is no set pattern or rules that prove the benefits of Quran in life. Every one has a different experience and a different story to narrate.  So pray as much as you can, communicate your Neyah to Allah.


Repent on your sins and seek Astahgfaar. This act opens doors of success in life. Give sadaqa. It’s a profitable business with Allah Subhana-wa-Talla.


On other side, our actions should be according to our Neyah. If we want to benefit from Quran we must make sincere efforts accordingly. And these efforts include learning the language of the book. But do remember, nothing happens over night. It requires patience and time. And results are astonishing and 100%.


Mostly we all know how to read Quran, but what it is saying we hardly understand. So what happens despite reading it repeatedly, we don’t feel any change within. We don’t know the message, the subject, the meaning behind its words. If Quran is hadayat for all mankind till Kayamat, we must try atleast once in our life to understand it through its language.


Now, one practice that I have seen in this regard is that for understanding its context and meaning mostly people make use of Tafaseer by different scholars. This too helps but for a short period of time. The knowledge we get this way doesn’t sustain for long. But when one makes small efforts to learn the real classical Arabic of Quran (which is pretty close to Urdu as well) the knowledge and understanding never goes or fades away.


Getting to learn Arabic of Quran is a wonderful experience of lifetime. It opens mind and connects soul to our Almighty Allah. You would actually feel Allah speaking to you directly. And I bet if Neyah is pure, it would definitely benefit and change life.This is the point when the knowledge of Quran would translate in ones actions. I wish and pray for every Muslim to get a chance at least once in life for this noble cause.