How To Become A Better Muslim


Islam is much more than what is presented in today’s age. It is neither a private fragile religion and nor it belongs to some group of fanatics. In fact, it is the shining light at the end of the tunnel which shows a new way of life to people. It is the pathway which has been directly laid by Allah Almighty and his messengers and prophets. It is that road which hundreds of thousands of people have trodden, starting from the father of all people Adam to our most beloved and our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. It shines up people’s heart and lives towards a better beginning. Islam behooves us to take a step back so we realize where our lives headed and how can we improve it. To excel anything, improvement is the key. If you want to become better Muslims and human beings, consider following tips.

Affirm In Your Heart That God Loves You

Being a true follower of Islam and Allah Almighty, you must strongly believe that he loves you unconditionally and definitely. His love for us is never ending and is manifested in us through his endless mercy and forgiveness. As it is stated:

Allah’s love towards us is 70 times more than a mother’s towards her children.”

The love of the Almighty for his people is that shining light which keeps us enlightened all day and night. It illuminates our way through all worldly darkness and protects us from all kinds of evil. This shine sparkles our lives and guides us through all thick and thins of earthly existence.

Talk to God

The secret to the success of any relationship is effective communication. Talking is important as it makes the other one realize that he is needed. Like all other traditional relationships, the divine relation of human and Allah Almighty work on same formula. If you want to become a better Muslim and feel the desire of strengthening your bond with Allah SWT, develop the habit of talking to him daily.

Feeling Of Talking To Allah

Many of us question that if he is almighty he would already know it, but like said earlier, Allah Almighty wants his people to talk to him, ask for forgiveness and share their deep rooted sorrow and guilt so he could be all magnificent and merciful all over again. Try it and experience the unconditionally satisfying feeling of joy and peace.

Ahsan Bilal