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Etiquettes of Visiting Graveyard in Islam

One of the many things that are recommended by our religion is visiting the graves of our elders, parents and close relatives. Women are also allowed to visit graves of their beloved ones as long as they do not cry out loud and behave hysterically. Once a woman was wailing beside her son’s grave and Holy Prophet (PBUH) forbid her from it. In the earlier times of wars and unsettled faith, all people were prohibited visiting graves Muslims should visit graves to realize that life is mortal and theirs will also end someday. It is the remembrance of afterlife and Muslims must learn a lesson after their visit to graveyard. There are two main purposes of visiting graveyard which benefits the alive and dead both:

  • Prime reason of this visit is to make individuals realize that this world is temporary and like all others they would also end up here.
  • It benefits deceased as his loved ones greet him, pray for him and ask for his forgiveness to Allah Almighty.

There are many duas that are recited while visiting graveyard. English translation of one of the most common dua is:

“O people of the dwellings, believers and Muslims, we will also join you one day and I ask Allah almighty to keep you and all of safe and sound till the very end”

There are some norms and manners of visiting graveyard, one should always keep them in mind and avoid doing anything that may anger the lord and the deceased. Some of them are shared below:

  • Do not call upon the deceased loudly.
  • Do not seek help from dead instead of Allah.
  • Always raise hands while reciting dua and face the direction of Kiblah instead of grave.
  • Refrain from walking between graves with shoes.
  • Never offer prayer in graveyard even if your prayer is getting late.
  • Do not light candles and diyas near grave.
  • Refrain from walking arrogantly in graveyard and remember it is your ultimate end.
  • Although sacrifice is worship but do not ever make sacrifice in graveyard for deceased.
  • Tying pieces of cloths or handkerchiefs on gravestones is strongly prohibited.
  • You should always avoid uttering nasty words which are unrelated to grave visits.