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Flattering is considered very bad in Islam. We must know that it is permissible to praise people but there are also some conditions for this. We should be careful and never exaggerate or lie in praising. There is a difference between flattering, praising and encouraging.  Praising or flattering is not about saying something kind about a person. Flattering is to praise someone excessively especially from motives of self-interest. Praising on the other hand is to glorify especially by the attributions of perfections.

Flattering is Allowed in Some Matters

There are some certain situations where flattering is not prohibited as in normal circumstances. It is permissible for husband to exaggerate in praising his wife because stability and contribution of marital life are one of the objectives of Sharee’ah. Husband can use general expressions in this respect for his wife. But if you are praising your boss for getting promotion or something then it is wrong and not allowed in Islam.

You should be very careful while saying good or bad about someone and make sure that your intentions are true when you are doing this. May Allah SWT save all of us from all kind of harms. Being encouraging and supportive is not bad if done in correct way but praising someone in front of them is not considered good because many people do it to make good impression upon that person.

What Should Be Your Reaction If You Are Flattered or Praised Flattered?

What could be reaction of true believer when they are praised? These people condemn themselves and are apprehensive about their deeds. If someone is called ‘pious’ then he fears what will be said of him and says: ‘No one knows me better than me and My Creator knows me better than you do. He fears that Allah SWT will take him to task for what these people are saying about him. He prays to ALLAH SWT for making him better than what they think of him.

People praise you for what they think is in you but you should blame your soul for what you know is in it. So, in the end we can say that support but please do not break the necks of your Muslim fellows by praising them excessively. Do everything according to the teachings of Holy Prophet PBUH as it is the only right way. And of course only Allah SWT knows who is good a person and who is not. He is the Wise, most Powerful and the only one who can Judge us.