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As a Muslim society we are not following Islam. In case of marriages of Muslims men and women we prefer castes, and do not give value to humanity and do not see the taqwa in the person. Our ultimate and first priority is Caste. The caste should be matched. Is it what Islam teaches us? Is it the teaching of our Holy Prophet (SAW) that a woman can get married in the same caste, otherwise not? Is it the teaching of Islam? Certainly not. But in the sub continent, we adopted many traditions, customs in our social and religious system. We are not true follower of Islam. We have not studied Islam thoroughly; we just listen from others and start implementing, whether it is religion or way of living. Because we are not in touch of Allah’s book i.e Holy Quran.

Than why our foremost standard of Marriage is Caste. Why not a true Muslim? Whether he / she belong to any country, any caste, any tribe, any social status etc. S/he should be a true follower of Islam. Why we delimited the options for us? Why we bound the relations only in limited relations of the same caste. Otherwise Islam says that the caste of living being is only for identity not the standard or stipulate for any relation.

The women are going to be older and no match is found which should be of the same caste. Many people are committing sins of Zina, as their family members remained helpless for finding the suitable spouse of the same caste. This is pessimistic picture of Islamic society, which do not follow Islam. The people have encircled themselves in self created boundaries. I do not know when People of this society will open their eyes. When they will study Islam and hadith with true letter and spirit. Caste system is the production of Hindu culture. The Muslim people have adopted from them.  Kindly see What Allah is saying in Holy Quran.

May Allah give us right direction to follow Islam.


This Article is written by Zill-e-Huma.