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Definition of Bid’ah

Bid’ah is mostly misconcepted and misinterpreted by various sect. So it is vital to learn about the term Bid’ah.

Therefore, Molana Ali Qari (R.A) define Bid’ah as:

Translation: “Imam Navawi (R.A) said such thing in parallel to that nothing happened in the past is known as Bid’ah. In Shariah the invention of such thing (act) which did not practice during the sacred reign of Holly Prophet (S.A.W) is known as Bid’ah” (Marqaate Sharah Mishkawt)

It also defined as:

“Such a novel deed which innovated after the Nabwi period so that novel deed has relation with the faith or action either worldly or religious “.

Prove of Bid’ah from Hadith

Translation: The person who implement the immaculate ways in Islam will get rewarded and such persons will get the reward of their action and the one who persist on such invented ways and there will be no repercussion in the reward of doers. (Muslim Shareef. Mishkawt Shareef p:33)

And such person who implement any evil action in Islam than he will get punishment for the implementation of evil action and also get punishment of those people’s action who will keep on following his path and there will be no relaxation in the punishment of followers.


It become obvious by this Hadith that the commencement of a good way will get rewarded and such a good deed is known as Bid’at.e.Hasanah. And whoever invent an evil deed will get punished and this is called Bid’at.e.Sia.