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A brief introduction and summary of Surah Yaseen

The thirty sixth chapter of the Holy Quran is mostly devoted to the dilemma of man’s moral responsibility and the inevitability of resurrection and the judgment of Allah, and this is the sole reason the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) called upon his believers to recite this surah over the dying and prayers of the dead. Surah Yaseen is considered as the most important surah of the Holy Quran after Surah al Fatiha and there are many virtues that were narrated by Propher (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) about this specific surah. He described this surah as the heart of quran, and it provides an image of the beliefs and practices of Islam.

The verses 1-32 summarizes that the quran is full of wisdom and it calls those people unfortunate who cannot benefit from it. Parable of the City that defied — all but one — the Messengers of Grace and Mercy. Righteous Men: The wisdom of Revelation — the Qur’an received through our beloved Prophet — is a guide to the Straight Path, and a warning against the terrible state in which the yokes of Sin enslave us. The righteous receive it with joy, for they believe in the Hereafter. Behold, there was once a City, to which came two righteous men with the Message of Truth, but they were rejected and persecuted: they were then joined by a third. But the City refused to believe or to turn from iniquity. Only one man was found in its outskirts, to bear witness to Truth, Faith and Righteousness; and he attained martyrdom. He attained Peace, but mourned for his people, in that they shut the gates of Salvation and Allah’s Mercy on themselves. Alas for man’s short-sighted folly in defying the Grace that would shield and deliver him!

The verses 33-50 summarizes about the various Signs of Allah in Nature and Revelation. Signs Bearing Witness: Are there not Signs enough around you to bear witness to Allah, and His saving Grace? The earth dies and revives; there are mysteries of Life and Sex, of Light and the Stars and Planets to heaven that follow their orbits by Law and in harmony! There are the ships and the modes of transport by which man can conquer the forces around him with Allah-given Gifts! Learn the Law of Goodness from them and believe in the Hereafter; it will come when least expected. Be prepared for Allah!

The verses 51-83 discuss the Resurrection and the life hereafter. Judgment Seat: When the Last Day comes, men will be taken aback and the Judgment Seat will be established. Blessed will be those who attain Salvation: their Joy, Satisfaction, and Peace will be crowned with nearness to their Lord! Alas for the Sinful, who deliberately followed Evil: their own nature and actions will speak against them: they will face the realities of Punishment! Both Revelation and Nature are eloquent in instructing man for his own good in the Hereafter, which will come as a certainty.