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Ramadan is the holiest month of Islamic year in which Muslim community abstain from any moral and social evils. Sole purpose of fasting in Ramadan is to follow the principles laid down by Islam and come closer to Allah Almighty. Countless blessings are bestowed in this Holy month of peace and love. Here are these things, which only those people, will understand who are fasting:

It Brings Closer to God

Every good deed we Muslims do in Ramadan is just to please Allah SWT. It is of great importance for us to come closer to Allah Almighty and be sure that we do things that please Him rather than disappoint Him.

It’s Lot More Than Starvation

Staying hungry for Allah SWT has great importance for Muslims that others would not understand. It does not mean that abstaining from food and water is a punishment but in fact it is a way through which we learn how to control ourselves. It also enables us to think about the people who are living the life of poverty and who at time sleep without eating.

Controlling Ourselves

Fasting is a way through which we learn to control our wishes related to this world and pay more attention to Islam and its teachings. Fasting for a limited time enables us to think about our daily busy routine. We not only refrain from eating or drinking but also from lying, cheating, hurting people and from other worldly ills.

Fasting is Not For Show Off

Fasting should never be advertised. Only you must be aware of the condition and duration of your fast because only then Allah Almighty appreciates your fast and it is actually the right way to maintain it.

Full of Benefits

Everything that Allah Almighty has asked us to do is for our own benefit. Fasting has several health benefits such as it helps us improve physical complexion, losing weight and improves our living and eating habits and many more.

Rewards of Fasting

Fasting is all about spiritual and physical rewards. Along with the health benefits, it also brings us to closer to Allah Almighty, which helps us in following our religion and sets us on right path.

Fasting is a Source of Self Enlightenment

When we are fasting, we encounter many different realities of life such as the sufferings of hunger. It brings us closer to the ability to appreciate the blessing, which we already have.

It Helps us to Follow Islam

We are obeying to the instructions of Allah Almighty and following the teachings of Islam by observing fast in Ramadan. It enables us to focus on our religion and do what is requires from us.