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Holy month of Ramadan is in its last ashra now. Muslims all over the world celebrated this blessed month enthusiastically. But there are some people who still do not know the exact meaning of Ramadan and why do Muslims fast in this month? Here are these things which will enhance their knowledge about this holy month:

Fasting During Ramadan is Called Sawm

Fasting is considered one of the five pillars of Islamic religion, the foundation of our life which also comprises of charity, faith, prayer and at least one Hajj in a lifetime if you are capable to do it.

Muslims Should Fast for One Month

Ramadan will either last 29 or 30 days depending on the moon’s cycle. Muslims should always refrain from eating, drinking and smoking between dusk and dawn.

Fasting is Obligatory Once Muslims Reach Puberty

If children want to observe fast then they can do it. Howbeit they are exempt from it until they reach puberty. Sick, elderly and people who are travelling are also exempt from fasting.

Muslims Should Refrain from Bad Habits When They are Fasting

During Ramadan, Muslims all over the world are instructed not to use swear words or talk bad about other people. They are asked to avoid talking behind people’s back.

Muslims who are Fasting Have a Meal before Dawn and One after Sunset

Meal before dawn is called suhoor while the one before sunset is known as Iftaar. In Iftaar, it is recommended to break your fast with dates as Holy Prophet PBUH used to eat three dates in Iftaar.

Muslims Give More during Ramadan

It is usual for Muslims all over the world to give more and more money as charity in Ramadan. It is also one of the five pillars of Islam and in this holy month, its importance is thousand times more than any other time of the year.

There are Some Penalties for Breaking the Fast in Some Countries

Breaking the fast in public is a big crime in majority of Muslim countries. The one who do this can also go to prison. In other countries, punishment is given by charging fines. This offence is also punishable with community service.

Ramadan is About Cleansing the Soul

Muslim people take part in fast to bring them closer to Allah Almighty. Iftaar is usually shared with family and friends. Fasting is about learning generosity and self-discipline.