Most of the families focus on planning their vacation away from cities or take trips to museums or register kids for classes etc. during their summer break so that they can spend their time in good environment. But summer is also the best time to help your children reconnect with Muslim community as Islamic programs at Mosque and weekend Islamic schools take a break from all these activities during this season.

It means that there is less chance to socialize and learn in an Islamic atmosphere on regular basis. This current year especially offers great opportunity to help youth Muslims connect with Islam and its teachings because Ramadan is during summer break. Here are these ideas:

Attend Taraweeh Prayer

Bring your children for Taraweeh prayer even if they do not offer all Rakkats. They will soak up solidarity and spirituality as they listen the recitation of Holy Quran. They might not understand everything the Imam will recite but praying with others helps connect the community spirit.

Attend Jumma Prayers

Attending Jumma prayers offers the best opportunity to see Muslim community interaction in practice. Ensure you choose a Mosque that offers the Khuttba in English language along with the Arabic version.

Visit Different Masjid Every Week

Consider yourself blessed in case you live in a city with large Muslim community. It will provide you a chance to visit different Mosques daily. Even if you do not feel comfortable with everything that is provided by the Mosques such as its policies may be too liberal, too conservative or too ethnically, take your children anyway. The aim is to prevent the environment where they can see the diversity of Muslim Ummah.

Plan Trips Around Mosque or Islamic Center

Figure out what attractions your local Islamic center or Mosque is offering. Is it a science museum, an amusement park, a zoo, or an outlet mall? If yes then plan your trips weekly to each of these places with other interested families and end this trip with congregational prayers there.

Engage In Service Projects Through Islamic Organizations or Mosques

In case your local Islamic organization or Mosque is putting together a service projects in this holy month of Ramadan then register yourself and your kid to participate. These activities can be collecting food or toys or feeding the homeless etc. Although you can choose any organization that performs these types of activities but serving with other Muslims during this blessed month while you are observing fast offers sense of community and spiritual boost.