Prayer is the most beautiful and important pillar of Islam but people make most 5 most common mistakes in Prayers. It will also be questioned on the Day of Judgment. Performing prayer is compulsory for every adult Muslim. Namaz is a ritual prayer which has some conditions and one should offer prayer while fulfilling those conditions. Many times we offer prayer as a practice or because of the habit. We tend to forget the basic essence of Salah and make many mistakes during it. Following are these common mistakes and errors which should be avoided:

Delaying Namaz Intentionally

We often delay the Salah from its prescribed time because of our busy routine. This is the most common mistake in Prayer made by many Muslims. We think that offering prayer is the last thing to do and we should attend the other matters first. Holy Quran speaks strictly on protecting our prayer:

Guard strictly (five obligatory) As-Salawat (the prayers) especially the middle Salat (i.e. Asr Prayers)” [2:238]

Reciting Holy Quran quickly in Prayer

We should pause and take breaks while reciting Holy Quran during our prayers. We must not recite the Surah’s so quickly that the verse gets intermingled in our prayers.

Moving Before the Imam in Congregational Prayers

We must not race with the imam because the correct way is when Imam says Allahu Akbar, only then people who are following him should say Allahu Akbar. One should never move before or with Imam. Like this hadith of Messenger of Allah (PBUH) states that:

“Does not the one who raises his head before the Imam does fear that Allah would transform his head into a donkey’s head” [Muslim]

Performing the Prayer Hastily

Prayer should be performed calmly and slowly. Rukoo and Sajood should never be performed hurriedly. In order to complete the Rukoo, you must in its posture long enough to recite ‘Subhan Rabbi yal Azeem’ for three times. Same is the case with Sujood. You should say ‘Subhan-na Tabbi Yal-ala’ three times slowly. One must perform Salah slowly and never show hastiness in it.

Not Performing Prayers during Illness or While Traveling

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) used to offer Salah even during His last days before death. He always performed it even during combats. Prayer is compulsory and should be performed in any condition. If you cannot perform ablution due to his illness then you can do tayammum (dry ablution).

If you cannot stand in prayer then you must perform it while sitting or even laying down. Same is the case with travelling. You can combine 2 Salah when you are travelling i.e. Zuhr and Asar prayer or Maghrib and Isha Prayer.