Ramadan is a precious month in Islamic calendar in which Muslims show their respect for the time for the time in which Allah Almighty revealed his teachings to Holy Prophet PBUH.

This month is of huge importance for Muslims all over the world. It is a chance to show appreciation to Allah and escape from the pace of daily life. Here are five things we Muslims can do to show solidarity and respect to followers of Islam during this blessed month:

Be Aware of the Basics Around Ramadan

Ramadan started at 7th June this year, although the date changes every year. This blessed month runs according to the lunar Islamic calendar and starts upon the first sight of crescent moon.

Understand that ‘Fasting’ Does Not Mean Dieting

Many people confuse fasting in Ramadan with diet for the whole month. Howbeit that is not the case. Abstinence from eating, smoking and drinking cleanses us from spiritual impurities. It enhances tolerance and helps Muslims understand the essence of being spiritually awakened.

Be Sensitive to Muslim Friends Who Are Fasting

Many Muslims understand that it is essential to abstain from gossiping, cursing and committing such acts that are prohibited in Islam. But this becomes very difficult in Ramadan for people to hold back from unleashing their anger especially when they are thirsty and hungry. So always try your best to understand them when they unleash their anger on you while they are fasting.

Understand That Ramadan is a Fun Experience for Many

There are large numbers of people who feel that this blessed month is an unpleasant experience for Muslims but that is not the case. Ramadan in one word is ‘fun’ for many Muslims. For some people the best part about it is the iftaar, the feast set on the dining table once the fast is over. For other people, the routine of Ramadan is fun. The same routine in which Muslims recite Holy Quran daily and go for taraweeh after Isha prayer.