4 Simple Tips for Muslim Mothers

4 Simple Tips for Muslim Mothers

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences of life of a woman. But this beautiful experience is filled with so many responsibilities along with joy. Usually mothers are exhausted and tensed of the duties pinned with the tag of mother. There are lot of matter to care about such as education, health, food and brought up. Following are these tips for Muslim mothers that will help them to groom their kids in a constructive way on Islamic guidelines:

  1. Read Quran in front of Children

If you want your kids to be a practicing Muslim then be a good and practicing Muslim in front of them. Recitation of Holy Quran is crucial for a Muslim to understand Islam. If you make a habit of reciting Quran in front of your kids, then they will observe it and there is no chance that they would not show interest in what you are reading.

  1. Offer Salah on Time and In front of Kids

If you offer prayer at the very last time then how do you expect that your kids will perform it on time. Try to offer Salah as soon as Adhaan calls and try to offer it in mosque in congregation. In this way when your kid will see his father heading for mosque for 5 times a day then he will also join him and similarly your daughter will also follow you.

  1. Try to Calm Yourself When Kids Disobey

Always be patient and love you children. Children are immature so do not expect very mature and descent behavior from them. Things happen at times but you can sort them out and correct them with patience. You expect your kids to obey your command but they may disobey. Now this is the time where you need to prove yourself a very nice and kind Muslim mother. Sit with your children and tell them pros and cons of their bad actions. Always be patient and keep yourself calm under such situations.

  1. Try to be a Friend Rather than a Mother

Try to establish a relation of friendship and trust. Develop frankness with your kids. Many times children hide their matters from parents because of fear. Your friendly behavior would urge them to discuss every ideas or confusion they have in their mind. Kids normally spend a lot of time with mother so a friendly and kind behavior of mother can help kids speak out their hearts.

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