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Many of us have been counting days remaining up to the blessed month of Ramadan. For a true believer, only the name of this holy month gives the thought of reward, joy and a feeling of Allah Almighty’s mercy. Truly, we should wait anxiously for this month. Emotions and anticipations for Ramadan are not enough. This blessed month needs activity and action. It is about changing our timetables and schedules and demands us to train ourselves to achieve taqwa.

First, ask yourself whether you are really prepared for this month or not? Are we ready to dedicate our time for spiritual improvement? During Ramadan, Prophet PBUH used to stay awake in nights for worshiping Allah SWT. Even though we may have experienced many months of Ramadan but each year, it should be treated like it is the first time since we have no idea whether we will live till next Ramadan or not. If you want to enter this holy month on real high and have the effects of this beautiful month even after it then follow these four steps:

  1. Create a Ramadan Countdown

Counting down for this blessed month whether you do it mentally or by keeping physical signs around your home will help create hype in your mind. When you or other people are counting down the same event, then it becomes part of daily conversation and because of which the excitement for it keeps increasing.

  1. Seek Knowledge about Ramadan

This will help you doing things perfectly and correctly for Ramadan. It will create hype, as there are many motivational events and aspects in this blessed month to look forward to. The more you know about this beautiful month the more you can apply which in result multiply your rewards.

  1. Make Ramadan Plan

Make sure you create a list of things you would like to achieve in Ramadan, be it reading the whole Quran or ensuring you offer taraweeh every night. Also, set a plan on achieving these goals. It is very essential that goals you set are very realistic and you do not have to take entirely different road in order to achieve them such as taking a month off from work or changing your work hours. Knowing what you want to gain in Ramadan will certainly help you stay focused.

  1. Prepare Spiritually

We all are aware that Ramadan is about fasting, reading Quran, praying and giving in charity. Start these worships early and do not expect to begin it as soon as the first day of this holy month. Start doing extra prayers from the month of Shabban, start revising and regularly reciting Quran now, and follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad SAW.