There are following factors which you can consider as Easy Tips for Happy Life in Islam as it is stated in Holy Quran that:

“The most content people in the world are those who have the best link with their Maker”

Many of us look for happiness ‘outside’ ourselves and not ‘inside’ of us. Some feel that they would be happy if they have their own car, house. Others feel that they need to have all the latest technologies to finally find happiness. Following are the factors which you can consider as tips for happy life:

  1. Remembering Allah

If you do not remember Allah Almighty then you can easily go and fall into every kind of sin and blurts out everything that comes on your tongue. A person who remember Allah SWT all the time, he never participates in dirty talks nor starts it. He begins to have respect for Allah SWT.

  1. Talk with Allah SWT

Sit in solitude and think you are in front of your Creator. Tell Him everything that is in your mind and bothering you. You present difficulties, past mistakes and future apprehensions. Tell Allah SWT in detail and ask for His help and guidance. It will not relieve your anxiety but also lead you closer to Him.

  1. Calmness of Heart

Calmness of heart only comes through remembrance and true of worship of Allah SWT. When we learn to look at things positively it brings us closer to Allah SWT. When we become closer to our Creator then we praise Him and remember Him all the time. Lastly, when we devout our time in remembering Allah Almighty then we attain the calmness of heart. May Allah SWT grant us both calmness of heart and happiness.

  1. Turning to Allah SWT

Many times we forget Allah SWT and turns away from Him. When this happens, Allah SWT creates a situation through His love for us where we find ourselves raising our hands once again and turns to Him in prayer for the fulfillment of our wishes. It is very great blessing and a moment of pondering over our connection with our Creator. We should be among those who raise their hands daily and show gratitude for what we already have by abstaining from prohibitions and obeying His commands.