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Ramadan is the ninth and holiest month of Islamic calendar. It is the most awaited and special month because Muslims of entire world consider it as an opportunity to repent for their sins. It is specifically dedicated towards purification of one’s self. It brings out the best out of Muslims and each one of them feels spirituality. Ramadan is the best chance to know Allah Almighty and please him by obeying his orders. Muslims set different goals when Ramadan starts and hope to achieve them at the end of month. Following tips will help you in achieving your goals.

  1. Before Ramadan starts Muslims often set goals of worshipping Allah Almighty entire day. To do so, one has to get rid of all distractions that waste time. Ramadan comes once in a year so it is important to turn off radio, television, wifi and everything else that keeps you busy in worldly affairs. This will free your time and you will get the chance to worship Allah Almighty. Keep the use of these technological devices limited and focus on what is important.
  2. Recitation of Holy Quran is the most important task of Ramadan. For those who set goals to finish it before Ramadan ends, it is important that they start its recitation from the very first day of this Holy Month.
  3. From spiritual point of view, Zikar is very important. It brings Muslims closer to Allah Almighty and gives them the chance to know more about religion. Muslims can do Zikar anywhere they want, anytime they want. There is no restriction when it comes to remembering Allah Almighty. One can do Zikar while eating, travelling, walking and studying. There are countless benefits associated with the Zikar of Allah Almighty. The work gets easier, problem gets solved, bad happenings are delayed and many more. Therefore it is important that Muslims take out time from their routines to remember Allah Almighty.
  4. Muslims often set goal of helping needy people in the month of Ramadan. And as we know Charity is given supreme importance in the month of Ramadan so it is the responsibility of rich people to find less fortunate people and help them by giving charity. Although charity is to be done on regular basis, but its reward is doubled in Ramadan. You can do it by giving food, clothes, shelter and other necessities of human life. One should start charity from family and then look for other needy people.