Millions of Muslims all over the world will observe the Ramadan next month in July. It comes during the ninth lunar cycle of Islamic calendar. This holiest month is definitely very essential for its religious virtues as it celebrates the occasion when HazratJibrail revealed the first verses of Quranto Holy Prophet PBUH.

It is expected from every Muslim who is physically and medically fit to observe fast. It commences at dawn after the Fajr prayer and ends at dusk with Maghrib prayer. Each day this ritual of fasting is carried on for the whole month of Ramadan. This year Ramadan is coming in summers. Therefore, besides the normal physical sacrifice of the fast, this year many people are concerned about observing it in the heat of summer. Here are some tips that will allow you to continue to stay active in this blessed month without jeopardizing your fast:

Adjust Your Fitness Goals In Ramadan

If your goals are to get stronger, lose weight or simply to become more physically fit then you need to stop attaining these goals during this month. Make your goal simply to maintain what you are. Making weight loss improvements needs you giving your body a deficient of some kind, which reduces your energy and sometimes even compromises the immune system. Both of these can seriously affect your ability to fast. So rather than overworking your system just to get your body to change,simply stay what you are and prevent yourself from going backwards.

Reduce the Intensity of Your Exercise

Reducing the intensity of the exercise will enable you to stay consistent in working out without giving excessive burden or strain to your body. If you normally run then reduce it to a speed walk for Ramadan. In case you lift weights and normally workout for an hour, reduce it to 30-45 minutes.

Combine Cardio and Resistance Training

If you normally do both cardio and resistance training but cannot find the energy and time to do both in this blessed month then combine them both into resistance training circuit. This training in general is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and has the extra benefit of allowing you to burn more calories in very less time. Here is the basic circuit you can easily do at home:

• 10-15 pushups
• 1 min jumping jacks
• 10-15 bench dips
• 10-15 squats
• 1 min jog in place