Every religion has some special occasions which have its own value and importance in the lives of its believers like Hindus celebrate Holi and Diwali and Christians rejoice Christmas and observe Easter. Recognizing and taking part in these events increase one’s knowledge. Islamic calendar also comprises of several of great importance. It represents the deep lying illusions that are attached to these events in the earlier history of their religion. Most of the occurrences are mention in Holy Quran and Allah Almighty Himself has explained their importance:

  1. Friday

This blessed day is considered the most hallowed and honored day of the week in Islam. Holy Prophet PBUH has illustrated its importance in the following hadith:

The best day on which the sun rises is Friday. It is the day Adam was created. It is the day when Adam entered the Heavenly Gardens, the day when he was expelled from it and also the day he died. Friday is the day on which the Day of Resurrection will take place.” (Muslim)

All the happenings that are mentioned in the above Hadith give the indication of great importance of this day. Its significance also increases because of the grand congregational prayer held during daytime which is known as Salat e Jummah.  During Jumma, Imam of mosque gives special Khutbaah known as Friday Sermon. It is great source of getting spirituality and wisdom.

Friday is the best day to seek Allah Almighty’s blessings and mercy. It is the guiding principle for Muslims. You can recite Surah Kahf on this day to get Allah Pak’s blessings and protection.

  1. Rabi ul Awwal

It is the month in which we receive the greatest blessing from Allah Almighty as Holy Prophet PBUH was born in it. Fact remains that this amazing month has that special day which proved to be the stepping stone in the lives of millions of people. Muslims all over the world celebrate during this blessed month and take the opportunity to show their gratitude and love towards Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

  1. 15th of Shaban

Normally known as the month of Holy Prophet SAW, it contains a night of 15th of Shaban in which Muslims all over the world ask for Allah Almighty’s blessings and His mercy by spending the whole night in His worship and reciting the Book of Peace. Although the topic of celebrating on this specific nighttime is disputed among Muslim sectors but still it has greater implication in terms of attaining Allah Almighty’s mercy.