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Ramadan is that Islamic month in which Muslims have to change their habits, routine and lifestyle. Their first instinct is to observe this holy month with proper Islamic rituals and religious sentiment. Ramadan is not only about fasting. Muslims are expected to practice self constraint as an act of soul purification. There should be a lot of worshipping, praying, recitation of Holy Quran, Zikar of Allah Almighty and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and complete refraining from edibles.

For getting used to the routine of this month, it is best to begin its practice before it actually starts. When Muslims bound themselves to these activities in order to please Allah Almighty, then they have to make certain changes in their routine to accommodate all this. There comes a huge change in meal plan and Muslims set their own health goals in this month. With only two main meals, at predawn and dusk, the entire eating schedule of Muslims is changed. Following article will help you in achieving your fitness and health objectives in month of Ramadan.

Reduce Intensity: There are some people who do not miss exercising even when they are fasting. If you are one of those and manage time for performing your regular workout then keep its intensity low. In the month of Ramadan, human body runs on energy reserves therefore you should not put extra pressure on it. Intense workout will affect your health and make fasting even more difficult.

Your body is most weak before Iftar as it runs out of energy reserves. If you workout at that time, chance of muscle damage are huge and in extreme case you will faint. Exercising right after Iftar is also dangerous as your digestion is not complete and you may upset your stomach. If stomach problem takes place you will find night prayer difficult and the whole schedule of taraweeh will be disturbed. Therefore whatever time you select for workout, it is important to keep its intensity low. Moderate intensity workout will keep you in good health.


Mixed Workout:

Ramadan is the month where Muslims consume all kinds of foods. In regular days Muslims try to control their diet but during Ramadan it gets difficult. Muslims fill their appetite with spicy and delicious food. These foods are rich in carbohydrates and fats. Therefore the best workout in this routine is the mixture of cardio and weight training. Prior will help you body in burning fats and latter is best at using carbohydrates and proteins in muscle building.