Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and is observed annually. This holy month is one of the five pillars of Islam. During this month, adult Muslims fast between dusk and dawn unless they are diabetic, ill, or travelling. This blessed month of fasting is meant to be used for charity, prayer, purifying the body and mind and for spirituality. Actual beginning of Ramadan is determined by sighting the new moon, which is the reason dates of Ramadan differ each year. Following are these interesting facts of Ramadan Kareem:

  1. It is believed that Holy Prophet PBUH received the first revelation during this holy month of Ramadan.
  2. Clocks are pushed back to shorten the days and increase the night in Egypt.
  3. During Ramadan, majority of Muslim communities usually shorten workdays to give time for additional prayers every day.
  4. Economy is also impacted in Muslim countries because of the fasting. It normally happens in a month of Inflation when prices increase.
  5. If a non-Muslim meets a Muslim during Ramadan, the appropriate greeting is Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak that means have a healthy and blessed Ramadan.
  6. During this month, Muslims are obligated to give charity through Zakat or Sadqa.
  7. Children are not obligated to fast in Ramadan until they are the age of puberty but they can keep 2 or 3 rozas in order to prepare for adult preparation.
  8. Despite the exemptions to fasting during this holy month such as medical conditions or illness, many Muslims are not able to fast because of their spiritual needs. In case you are not able to fast but can complete them in future once your condition changes, you must do it.
  9. Muslims usually break the fast with dates and then offer Maghrib prayer.
  10. Muslims are instructed to recite Holy Quran and at least complete one in this holy month.
  11. In some countries, breaking fast is a crime in Ramadan and there are penalties and punishments for it.
  12. Although Ramadan has some health benefits but it can also cause kidney diseases due to dehydration.