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11 Easiest Ways to Enter Paradise (Jannah)

We all want to enter Paradise (Jannah) but are we genuinely striving for it? There are several ways to get the pleasure of Allah Pak and enter His Jannah. Allah has made it easy for His people to enter paradise but many of us forget this because of an attachment to this temporary world.

Following are some hadiths which will tell us ways to enter Jannah. You must remember that these are not the only ways. You must be sincere while doing these acts to get Paradise in hereafter.

  1. It is mandatory for Allah SWT to enter that person in Jannah who has Imaan in Him and His Prophet PBUH, fasts in the month of Ramadan and regularly offer prayers.
  2. You will surely get paradise in the next life if you say with full faith that ‘I am pleased with Allah SWT as my Rab, with Prophet PBUH as my last Prophet and that Islam is my only religion’
  3. Whoever asks his Raab for Jannah three times, Jannah itself will say to Allah Pak: “O Allah, enter him into Jannah.”
  4. Allah SWT has 99 names and if you believe in their meanings and acts according to them then you will certainly enter Jannah.
  5. Whenever you recite “SubhanAllah al-Adthim wa Bihamdihi”, a tree of date-palm will be planted for you in Jannah.
  6. If you build a mosque to attain the pleasure of Allah Pak, He will build a same place for you in Jannah.
  7. Whoever repeats words of azan from his heart sincerely with mauzam will enter Jannah.
  8. Jannah will be mandatory for a person who calls Azan for 12 years.
  9. A house will be built in Jannah for a person who prays 12 Rakkah in day and night.
  10. Anyone whose soul leaves his body without arrogance, debt and stealing from the spoils of war will surely enter Jannah.
  11. O people, spread the greetings (Salaam), pray while the people are asleep and feed the hungry, you enter Paradise in peace.

We all want to enter Jannah but when it comes to follow ways to do this, we will not give our 100%. Above mentioned ways are some of the easiest ones to attain Paradise in the next life. So make sure you people follow them to attain Allah’s pleasure. May Allah bless you all!!