How Muslims Should Raise Their Children?

How Muslims Should Raise Their Children

However, parents still have the power of training their children in right way and raise them to be good human beings and true Muslims. They should set right examples for their children so they are encouraged to do same. We… Continue Reading

4 Simple Tips for Muslim Mothers

4 Simple Tips for Muslim Mothers

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences of life of a woman. But this beautiful experience is filled with so many responsibilities along with joy. Usually mothers are exhausted and tensed of the duties pinned with the… Continue Reading

Things You Should Be Doing As A Muslim Teenager

  Being a teenager in this morally and ethically corrupted world is a challenge for all young Muslims. There are so many temptations around that it is hard to stay on right track, but you should always remember those who… Continue Reading

How to Overcome Depression By Following Islam

Happiness comes when we connect with Allah SWT sincerely. Islam being a complete code of life taught us the solutions to be away from depression and live a joyful life. Depression is the state of mind that makes people sad.… Continue Reading