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The Moon Split into Two Halves

  Involving many wonders of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him), one is dividing of the moon, which [...]

Our Wonderful Immune System

  Within your entire body there is an incredible protectio­n process called the immune system. It is designed to defend [...]

Meteors Shower Water for Earth

When earth segregated from the great mass termed “Super Nova”, the temperatures were million of degrees and there was no [...]

Lailatul Qadr- The Night of Power

Lailatul Qadr- The Night of Power Lailatul Qadr is the evening, which is the most endowed and exceptional of all [...]

Beard for Men

In Islam beard is incredibly encouraged for Muslim men. The absence of it was abhorred by the Holy Prophet. Today, [...]

Duas of Ramazan Ashra

Following are the Duas that are recited in 1st, 2nd & 3rd Ashra.

Important points For Ramazan

There are important points to understand while fasting the month of Ramadan in order to take the maximum benefit from [...]

Doomsday is Approaching Fast

Science Says, Doomsday is Fast Approaching   Judgment day is usually known as a doomsday of the world. It’s the [...]

Hijab for Muslim Women

Why Hijab for Muslim Women? For Muslim Women Hijab is a protecting for proper care of purity and is an [...]

Why Always Me Me & Me

Why am I always being tested? Why is life so hard? Why don’t I ever get this or that? Why? [...]